Whispers of Ontario

I have quite a few parts to source and afford before Zombi will be road worthy but I thought I would get a start on things. When I got home from the Coast Drift event at Western Speedway (post to come) I decided to see how many disgusting fluids I could expose myself to inside the slag. Oh good rust, feels like home. There's nothing quite like cleaning up years of french fries, chips and pictures of kittens? Bathroom tiles? Wait, what? Tire chains?  Does Vic get snow? I'm a little concerned about the secret rust I found but there are no holes all the way through, it's just an ample surface coat. I moved to the west coast to get away from rust, the hell? Well that's great

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  • No biggy, grind it down, paint it up!

    • discoquinn
  • Look how far you have come!

    • discoquinn
  • dude there is so much metal there, its all good.

    Just grind & rust converter it.

    • dug