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June 2019 Recap

June 2019 Recap

SpeedHero July update (June Recap)

I can’t fathom how long and wild this month felt for SpeedHero. Let’s just dive in. The first event of the month was a special guest. Manabu Orido came by Platform Garage to say hello! He was in Victoria and decided to come by and visit us down at the shop. It was truly an honor. We exchanged a few gifts, photos, and car talk. Sadly I didn’t get a lot of photos, as I didn’t want to bother him too much, but there are a couple of pics from...

SpeedHero does the UK.

SpeedHero does the UK.

First off, I didn't see Big Ben, the London Bridge, though I did catch a glimpse of the Royal Palace from the plane. My time was spent working with Andy, the owner of Learn2Drift UK.

Two and half weeks, this was the time I would spend with the team at L2D. Located near Milton Keynes, about an hour North of London. It seems so far that many drift schools are different, in the way they function and for what clients they cater. The commonality of these schools, isn't their approach but their desire to...

Capital Drift Episodes by Aircooled productions

Capital Drift Episodes by Aircooled productions

Justin is actually a founding member of Capital Drift. He is also our main media guy, and his recent time at Shaw television has allowed him a greater opportunity to film and edit our scene even more! Recently he's put out 4 episodes of Capital Drift coverage on top of his many previous videos. Check out these episodes! 

Episode #1: Drift School. 

Episode #2: First round 2017

Episode #3: Round 2 2017

Episode #4: Round 3 2017

SpeedHero Racing school: Our first and second semi-official track day!

Let's pickup where we left off...where were we....right! [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Digging around in the engine bay I found both of these. Jammed into the engine mounts. It looks like someone kept dropping and replacing their oil caps. lol I don't know how many years this car was carrying around 3 different oil caps.[/caption] Put a new distributor O-ring in today. It's been many years since I actually timed a vehicle myself. Don't worry, I can design 3 piece wheels to near exact manufacturing requirements, but timing an old carb'd car isn't common...

Twenty Seven: Drift School beginnings?

10 days ago I picked up my 27th Corolla I've ever owned! It's a 1982 TE72 with 267,000km on it. 3TC automatic. This purchase was justified in my brain by the added duty beyond a daily driver, of being a tool of education, a racing school student car. I'd been giving formal and information racing instruction during our drifting events for years now. For some it was successful for others, not so much. I realized recently what a major differentiating factor was: the cars! Some students showed up in good working cars, that...