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Do we have something you need? Take it for free! Got something you don't want to throw out, or having trouble selling? The parts exchange is a place to drop off your unused FRS, BRZ or GT86 parts for free.

We've got 3 locations:

Our Island location:

-10358 Patricia pl
Sidney, BC V8L 3J6

Our Vancouver locations:

-841 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC V5V 3C2

-3071 Glen Dr
Coquitlam, BC V3B 7R1


CURRENT STOCK: Nov 11 2020

 PAIR - 2017 Heads & Cam shaft cradles, with cam shafts

PAIR - 2017 Heads & Cam Shaft Cradles with cam shafts


2017 Waterneck


2017 Timing Cover


2017 Engine Harness


2017 Starter Harness


2017 Dip stick


2016 - FRS Crash bars (uncrashed!)


2016 - FRS Springs


2016 - FRS Front undertray


2013 FRS Stock Rad hoses


2013 FRS taillights


2016 BRZ front brake packing plates


2016 BRZ front wheel speed sensors

+ More! Stock is always changing