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So what? the original link died, and I like these Kanto racer Civics enough to post them again. Good times!   [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6n1nYEGNrq8]

3 Generations

Suzuki has built some pretty Badass Pike's Peak cars over the years. From the Early days of their twin engine, 4wd Cultus. (Metro/Firefly/Swift). Followed by their most famous variation of the Escudo (Tracker/Sidekick/Sunrunner) To their most recent, XL7.  All Radical. Seriously, click that. And if your new to Pikes peaks footage, then know your roots. Want to know more about...

When There's No More Room in Hell

I remember when it all began. With one final squeal and a death rattle it settled into what was sure to be it's final resting place. You'll have to excuse the pictures you've seen before...or not. After some embalming and gussying up, it was ready for viewing. Little did I know it would roar back to life and go on a tire throwing,...

Fuck Year!

Very few things in life excite me anymore. I live in a mentally ill depression most of the time, though I'm visually a perky fellow, I'm very much confused and lost on the inside. Everyonce in a while something comes along that really excites me, much like the DriftWorks 3 Video did when I first saw it, this video below makes me happy in my middles. Click to enjoy.

They sure are...

If you haven't seen it yet go check out the videos and such from the folks at http://www.wearedrift.com/ or head over to minihux's channel on Youtube.

As always, watch, favorite, comment and show your support for the world of drift. Happy long weekend to those who get it and a derisive laugh to those who don't. Oh yeah! The 2010 trailer for the doc dropped a few days ago.

Tire genocide.