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Zombi - Dog Dangling Saturday Update.

Wanted to grind my rust, wife was sleeping, settled for grinding my teeth and quietly repairing my fender. I figure I have some time to work on the body while I source all the parts I need. What I really need is some input into what colour the car should be, not that primer gray isn't sexy. Also... $10 at a garage sale, I couldn't stop myself. I will be very happy...

Whispers of Ontario

I have quite a few parts to source and afford before Zombi will be road worthy but I thought I would get a start on things. When I got home from the Coast Drift event at Western Speedway (post to come) I decided to see how many disgusting fluids I could expose myself to inside the slag. Oh good rust, feels like home. There's nothing quite like cleaning up years of french fries, chips and pictures of kittens? Bathroom tiles? Wait, what? Tire chains?...</p>

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Speed Hero's dead. Long live Speed Hero!

With the RX7 gone and my move across the country it was time for a new drift slag. She's not pretty but she'll get down and dirty. [caption id="attachment_356" align="alignnone" width="600" caption="The car formerly known as Lola."]The car formerly known as Lola.[/caption] 1983 Corolla, autofail 4ac looking a little worse for wear but nothing like the Ontario cars I'm used to. She needs some work, some lovin' and a deep dickin' [caption id="attachment_357" align="alignnone" width="600" caption="Better than Ontario mint."]Better than Ontario mint.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_359"...

Igor, and his EP82 Starlet

We found Igor in the Gunma prefecture no less. He was hanging out at the Up Garage and we mistook him for an employee at first. Turns out he's originally from Russia, has been in Japan 6 years and is currently attending the Gunma Automobile University School. Igor is immensely friendly so we got to talking to him and checking out his Starlet. The car is gutted, the interior is stripped down and every seam had been drilled and riveted. The hood is just aesthetic and has no bracing. [caption id="attachment_193" align="alignleft" width="600" caption="EP82 Grip Machine"] Read the article