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My Own Matsuri.

I'll never have the money to go to Japan, buy a car, and compete in the G1-Gp at Ebisu Matsuri. However, I don't let that keep me from dreaming. I know, I'm a huge nerd, but we've all got our fantasy's, mine just happens to be beating the snot out of a car for as many hours as I can stay awake. The game? rFactor, not a favorite of mine,...

IDTAX, $10

Before moving out west, I had to get rid of my last ae86, you know the one I got for $10. Below is one of the worst cases of Initial D tax I've ever seen. I'm sure some of you have heard the story. I got this car for $10. A friend of a friend had his car backed into. The culprit left a vague note saying "I'll make this up to you". Some time later when returning home from work one day, there was another ae86...

Wagon, out and about.

Lock your doors.