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Umgebauten Lastwagen

I find the best posts on this blog seem to have a continuation of story's or themes from previous epic posts. Sex? Boring, but that doesn't mean I don't have fetishes. There's something so satisfying about roof modifications. It's the core of cool, the roots of rat, the midst of magnificent. Since the dawn of shit beat fun cars, hacking up the roof has always been left to those who are rad as fuck. I had built two before, that's right, cut cars into trucks. Previously welding...

Ole tRusty

Time passes, so do family members, but not my rusty first corolla, it's still alive and killing it. The fairly long video is located here & here.

Betsy, never a cow

Cars and Pets are very similar. They both require fluids to continue to move and live, they both need a bath time to time, they both need to taken about in the fresh air. The strongest similarity though, is that they both become part of the family, the more time you spend with them. I'll be honest, I've owned a disgusting amount of cars, among them I've liked many and loved a few. Joni Mitchell's big yellow taxi speaks it best, that you don't know what you've got until it's gone....

My Empire Of Dirt

Dear god I have been busy out of my brain lately. This Corolla Exchange is slow, but time consuming. With my daily driver Betsy dying, my Grand father passing away, Corolla parts coming and going, my new daily blowing up the day we bought it, and starting a new job all basically in one go, my mind has been jumbled and ridiculous. Sadly, my lawn is littered with cars. That shouldn't be there! [gallery columns="1" orderby="title"]

Cross Blogging

The dudes over at E7 Club gave me a holler to come help make some E7 Content. Cool, thanks for the invite guys! Guest Blogging.