My Own Matsuri.

I'll never have the money to go to Japan, buy a car, and compete in the G1-Gp at Ebisu Matsuri. However, I don't let that keep me from dreaming. I know, I'm a huge nerd, but we've all got our fantasy's, mine just happens to be beating the snot out of a car for as many hours as I can stay awake. The game? rFactor, not a favorite of mine, but it is very open to modding. A little too open. The problem I find with rFactor is that it's not user friendly in the slightest to create modifications, and because of the severe level of detail in the physics engine, there's more chances to go wrong with the physics than right. With that being said, I've spent some time hunting through the modifications released and found one I like. This MK4 Supra seems so far to have the best physics I've found, it's a very believable and immersing car. So I set out to modify it. You see, the level of detail in the physics is down to even tire deflection in relation to the force on the rim, meaning, you as a user/creator have the ability to create the side wall strength in relation to it's height, width and rubber type. Pretty cool, but the problem is, it isn't a simple chart with references or even a good starting point. There's a lot of modifications released that someone has missed some sort of important calculation for a specific part of the physics, and made up for it by adjusting many other things. This results in imbalances and generally awkward interaction. As soon as I started driving this Supra I found it to be the closest to realistic from any of the cars I had tried. It didn't hurt that the car was well designed both in a 3D aspect and a coding setup. So I got crackin', I opened up some of the adjustability to the suspension so I further tweak it for my tire smoke fetish, and got cracking. Oddly enough I didn't even know I had downloaded Ebisu Minami course, but there it was in my folder! A nice rainy afternoon, I have no gas money, so I'm off in fantasy land beating my rusty steed to bits on the other side of the world. It took a few tries to get the jump to wall tap on the main straight, but man is it fun! What ever you do, avoid the 'oversteer' or any other 'drift' mod, the cars are so rediculously mis-setup, the physics files destroyed by inaccuratacys. Find a good well built car, and tune it yourself.

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