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Yes, Motorfix have apparently un-rolled the wagon from the Summer Matsuri! Before: After:

True Speed Heros.

Corolla 2, revenge of the tercel....?

As of recent I've been crazy busy planning a business trip overseas. That's correct, the guy that lives under the true definition of 'broke' is somehow planning on hitting Japan again. It takes a lot of organization to get to other places in the world for free, but well, it can be done. One of the cars I'm looking to see this time I'm over there is the little known Corolla 2, or more correctly Corolla II. This is a bit of a confusing car, I mean,...

Forced to Post.

I wanted to save this video to my 'Drifting' play list on Youtube, but due to some fuckery I can't. So I'm posting it here to remember it. Go Daihatsu Charmant (KE70) Go!

Here's some more vids I wish to save, but can't. tire smoke out of a starlet! 2:13 awesome


This is true art, thanks to driftworks for the link [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zah1gIXgbcw&feature=player_embedded]

Hiroshima Speedway Circuit

Although named similar, Speedhunters delivers pretty decent photograghs, generally the stories arn't to great. I find that they sometimes miss the good shit. Case in point, their recent coverage of a Celica by a group called Hydraulic Drifter Oldies. A post made a while back about their famous and crazy chopped roof Levin pickup showed a glimpse of a new drift track and what appears to be the home of HDO, Hiroshima Speedway Circuit!

Sadly I don't have the huge production...