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Wagons for our hearts & other FR converts.

A Toyota Caldina GT, basically a wagon body slapped on a ST205 AWD Celica chassis from factory. This one? Converted to RWD.

And, if your really into FR conversions? How about a Toyota Corsa! Converted to RWD with a CA18det!

Brass Knuckle Balls.

This is the reason I prefer D1SL over D1GP. Simply because it's back to the roots of organized Japanese drifting. For those of you who don't know D1 Grand Prix is a drifting series out of Japan, professionals work their way to qualify and earn a D1GP license so that they can compete. It used to be very grass roots, meaning that people with small budgets were competing evenly with those with big budgets. However, at some point D1GP moved away from the smaller, slower multi-corner track layouts, to the larger, single corner track layouts. Many of the slower, low...


Thanks to Kwik!Gti on VW Vortex for capturing this new Japanese subculture. Just like the, Heavy Sound post, these Dodge vans are something fresh and very new that seems to have some following, even if it is small now. Group "Youga Base!" are leading the way. :) Seems pretty interesting, I guess they've already run race/drift events at Ebisu! It's great to witness this so early on, as it begins to give...

Fuck Year!

Very few things in life excite me anymore. I live in a mentally ill depression most of the time, though I'm visually a perky fellow, I'm very much confused and lost on the inside. Everyonce in a while something comes along that really excites me, much like the DriftWorks 3 Video did when I first saw it, this video below makes me happy in my middles. Click to enjoy.

I'll Pretend They're Bugs in my Mega Web

So this post is heading back to Japan, a place where robots powered by magic do everything including pour your beer. I just realized that this machine was pouring beers while I was in having a sashimi breakfast. Breakfast beer is the Japanese way. No trip to Japan would be complete without a trip to Mega Web Tokyo's Toyota/Automotive theme park. You can't miss it, it's the place with the Ferris wheel. It's more...