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Banshee, Japan?

No, it's not a Grand Theft Auto car. You live all the way in Japan and can't quite afford to import the most likely crushed, '88 Pontiac Banshee concept car? No worries mon' Just import a 4th gen Camaro and have the little Japanese gnomes assemble one for you! That's right, surfing around the Yahoo auctions found me some prime junk! Who imports a whole Firebird just to hack it into a look-a-like! Crazy! The original ad can be found here.

Dat Wagoon

Crusing Yahoo again, like usual, solidifying my new habits. This Corona wagon pops up. Erectile dysfunction, no more.

Speed Hero, Racing Garage

Over the next few months you will see some changes to the blog. Nothing crazy, but just be warned, things will be a mess of improvement. Thanks to Shane Bingham for the sweet picture! I want, love, NEED that Sunny!

My Own Matsuri.

I'll never have the money to go to Japan, buy a car, and compete in the G1-Gp at Ebisu Matsuri. However, I don't let that keep me from dreaming. I know, I'm a huge nerd, but we've all got our fantasy's, mine just happens to be beating the snot out of a car for as many hours as I can stay awake. The game? rFactor, not a favorite of mine,...


Yes, Motorfix have apparently un-rolled the wagon from the Summer Matsuri! Before: After:

True Speed Heros.