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Teachers Pet. Brown Nosin' 4 Lyfe.

Capital city Drift happened last Friday and as James gets the Speed Hero coverage post organized I must share my fun. After some changes in staffing in multiple and odd ways, I decided to, whether it was welcomed I'm unsure, take a big part of the organization of the event. Life is a bit funny, the track we rent, Western Speedway, often has a slew of crushable cars sitting in their lot for different demo days. One of these was a near new looking '80 Corolla sedan with Quad headlights. ...

Wait, it worked?

Capital Drift round 2 has been put to bed. Full post will be just north of this post tomorrow.

Damn Kids Wont Drive in a Conventional Manner.

The stakes are higher and the prizes bigger in the coming rounds, it should make for fierce competition from hungry drivers. Check out Cap D's site for current standings and all the info on the coming event. Find your way out to Western Speedway next event is Friday. Bring a friend, bring all your friends. I've already invited your mom.

Fame! I'm Gonna Live Forever!

It was only a matter of time before Capital Drift made there way into the pages of the illustrious Goldstream Gazette. http://www.bclocalnews.com/vancouver_island_south/goldstreamgazette/sports/95877619.html Congratulations to Myles, Adam, Phil, Grant and the rest of the folks behind Cap D. Next event is June 18. No excuses.

All Japanese Car Show Dumpage!