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Capital D, practice makes...well...

The Capital D season is over for the year as you may have noticed by the mayhem at the end of September and if you didn't, you haven't been following Speed Hero. We forgive you, this time. Over the off season there are a number of practice days, like today, a free for all of noobs and veterans trying to hone their skills are find a reason for an engine swap or new platform all together. Read the article

Majestic Unicorns are obtainable.

I thrust my armour on, hop onto my trusty steed and gallop into the forest. YAH! I scream as we tromp viscously between the trees, dunking, maneuvering, twisting, and dodging. My horse and I navigate the forest with grace, speed and confidence. I catch the glimmer of a set of chrome aviator glasses. I turn my head to catch some pink pants inappropriately worn open. WHAM, I catch a branch in the skull and topple to the ground, unconscious I become. I awake in a stuper, strapped to a hay bail with a very satisfied Pink unicorn towering over me,...

Neptune Drift's happy ending!

As you all know (you all should know) the Capital Drift season finished a couple of weeks ago with a devastating finale. Adrian Smith continues to slap the world in the face with west coast drifting.

As always, comment, rate and cringe when you see how high an S13 can jump.

The Capital D Climax

Capital D molested Western Speedway once again for the final event of the season. S13's were assaulted, hachi rokus were slapped like insolent children. There were fairys, pirates and a banana involved as well as all the extras from the Breakfast Club. Nakamura looking to bury his treasure. All the usual suspects were in attendance. The triumvirate of power...