Capital D, practice makes...well...

The Capital D season is over for the year as you may have noticed by the mayhem at the end of September and if you didn't, you haven't been following Speed Hero. We forgive you, this time. Over the off season there are a number of practice days, like today, a free for all of noobs and veterans trying to hone their skills are find a reason for an engine swap or new platform all together. I rode along with Warren in his eightsex since my ride ended up on the ferry back to van on three cylinders. The turn out was impressive, somewhere between 13 and 16 at any given time. As always, the numbers were dominated by S13's and 86's but this time around we had Jeff in his newly 5 speeded Cressy. Finishing the swap through the night he was ready for a sleep deprived romp around the track. Warren's 86 sounded strong and angry on the track. He and Jeff started off strong for two guys who've never tracked their cars. Now you'll have to trust me when I say there is a rainbow in the next picture, I assume the rainbow was a vampire and doesn't show up in photographs. Phil followed the rainbow, hoping for a pot of gold. Instead he got a concrete sammich. The weather was erratic all day going from sun and cloud to rain, to heavier rain it made for a chilly day. It also meant the track was nice and slick for the folks that are new to the whole drift experience. It also meant disaster for a couple of cars. As always, I'm bored with typing so with this one last point I'm just going to dump what's left of todays photos. There were two s13's from the mainland. Their tandem runs were some of the best of the day, solid, massive slides. The guy up there /\/\/\/\ and the guy down there \/\/\/\/ They probably have names. I'm sure I should find out. Luckily they came to me. Fantastic job Jason Debruyn and Mike Turpin. Pctars... I almost forgot, in one of the last runs of the evening Chris Scremin managed to finally slay the pink unicorn. It's unconfirmed at this time if he was trying to drink the blood to gain immortality and is plotting the death of a young wizard. One last shout out and thanks to the folks at Capital Drift, the practices are just as amazing as the competition. This is grassroots drifting at it's finest.

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  • Cressida looks fucking sick. And Matt Do, just donate james your car if you don’t want it anymore. :)

    • discoquinn
  • sorry james i had the most epic worst day…next month ill make it up to u

    • rob
  • YES. awesome!

    im happy with how well my cressy did, considering iits stock ish setup.

    thanks james

    • Jeff Minnion
  • Awesome article/pics…

    I (Jason Debruyn) was driving the silver s13… buddy Mike Turpin was driving the gunmetal smashed s13.

    the unicorn also managed to imp back to the mainland…

    • Jiggy
  • that was me bTW

    • do-boy