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British Columbia celebrated, oh I don't even know, some birthday or something. All I know: drifting. Although a small crowd of spectators, the driving for this extra long Capital City Drift day were out in strong numbers with a great showing from the mainland. An oddly smooth, yet overly simplistic track layout seemed to suit both the under and over powered cars quite well even with the final being dominated by pony filled Jap Scrap. We had the regular bunch of hobo's running the show with some new faces, things went fairly smoothly. Overall a decent day from a judges...

Finale Final Fin...Until Next Season

Last chance folks, we will find out who takes all the marbles and whose car lives to face another season.

Capital City Drift Round 3! Footage is up.

Thanks to cameraman Justin Robert.

Capital City Drift Rd. 3some.

Photographic evidence of automative assault and tire terrorism. Were you there? Round three was definitely the most intense shoot out yet. Without the constant debilitating engine issues that plagued round two, the battles were amazing and it meant that the push for first was fought out between Grant Kozier in his semi-famous S2000 powered 86 and Myles Mayland in his SR20'd Nissan 240sx. In the end, we had Kozier in first, Mayland in second and newcomer Chirs (probably has a last name) in his 3tc powered...


I don't have much to say about this event other than I simply need to participate more. See you guys on BC day. Drifting and show n' Shine! www.capitaldrift.ca [gallery columns="4" orderby="rand"]