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Capital Punishment

Yesterday was Torture. To others a great time, with big tandems, sections of rain, and mostly good, dry, cool sun.   Many hit the wall, that was their punishment. I had my own punishment. For some drifting is another fun pass time they can do here and there, share with their friends, etc. I think about it almost all moments of the day, and try my best to help others get their cars and lives in order. It's hard to watch, it's tough to listen to, and...

Octobering the track

Capital City Drift's October practice happened. In this post there is proof, both of people existing in the same place and time, but also the fact that I didn't get to drive.  We had some new faces out at the track, it was great, even better was seeing some new chassis's come give a hand at sliding. It was an interesting day, personally a bad one for me, some sharing this feeling, but for most it was a good long day of drifting. The morning started out with a...

Come Drift with Us!

Drift Practice coming this month, Oct 17th, @ Western Speedway. Register at Capital Drift!

CCD, the power of the internet.

Along time ago I complained endlessly that finding information and media from events I went to was a pain in the ass. Welp, no longer. This last CCD event was more than well covered, hell, just by the islanders! Here's some Video's from the guys at BentMafk 1.




As well as some video from our own Justin Roberts! 1.


All's Well That Ends Wall.

B.C. Day, the day we celebrate our province by sliding cars sideways into immovable object. Yay Canada! Capital City Drift returned once more to Western Speedway to slay tires, joust walls and die honorable deaths. The turnout was immense, a lot of the Vancouver folks that have been painfully absent throughout the season rolled in to offer some serious competition. Luckily, the islands drifters aren't what they were a year ago. With folks like Myles Meyland, Grant Kozier, Brad Fisher and newcomer Josh Whitesomethingorother, the...