Overly Eventfully Uneventful?

Ever have to write an article about a place you've never been to, about events you've never seen? Here I am, doing that. Much like grandpa Simpsons knowledge of the war, my knowledge of the Cell Block D seems to be sugar packets of information from word of mouth. That's right. My impression is of this: Purple is heavy, and alcohol is blood deep. Drift Unions' big Vancouver video premiere was as best as I can tell, a social magnet, but how do they fucking work? The...

Party Potato, CCD 2011 begins

All those who believe in the potato had a great time, so everyone had a good time. Party Potato blessed us all with his spiritual presence, shining down on all of us with his many great eyes. His cape waved in the wind that day, but who's to say he even has a cape. Sure there were some incidents, but those who hit are sure to find Party Potato was there to protect them. Matt, your car will be fine, just get those fenders off, I'm curious if the alignment was even out. The potato brought sun and warm winds. All Hail...

Insert Cliche Dr. Frankenstein Impression Here

I was happy to be there for the inaugural run of Sea Dog Restall's Corolla. See anything interesting, aside from the body colour(s)? Just some shots to show that it really happened. Video would have been more impressive for showing "accidental" losses of traction and "purposeful" loss of hood.

I ♥ Nikko

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGhG-5TDMMY&fs=1&hl=en_US] and to a lesser extent, Corollas.

All I Want for Christmas is More Drift Trains