West Coast Snow Safety

Some additional photos from the last Capital City Drift practice of the year. [gallery]

FT-86 by DiscoQuinn

I saw the return of the AE86 in that RS200, but they never sold that over here. Bombed around in an IS300 and it's fairly nimble and straight forward. The big thing that bothers me about new cars is the fact that there is no options anymore. Nothing is optional, can't customize your ride from factory, and by that I mean.....everything is standard. There's no crank windows, radio delete panels, hand adjustable seats, non-tilt columns etc.

Living Vicariously Through Wall Taps.

Some follow up pics of Sundays drift day. Great day, high spirits and the return of the Zombi in the hands of someone more capable. [gallery]

Capital Punishment

Yesterday was Torture. To others a great time, with big tandems, sections of rain, and mostly good, dry, cool sun.   Many hit the wall, that was their punishment. I had my own punishment. For some drifting is another fun pass time they can do here and there, share with their friends, etc. I think about it almost all moments of the day, and try my best to help others get their cars and lives in order. It's hard to watch, it's tough to listen to, and...

Local Speed Heros: Warren

It's something I've been meaning to do for a long time now. Capture the great cars and people that I interact with everyday. Warren is a great example.   I met Warren not long after landing in Victoria. James had already started taking snaps Warren's 86 and going on random adventures long before I showed up. It's a bit embarrassing trying to write about someone you see fairly often, but since the first meeting Warren's led me out...