Cutting Springs, the Guide

So, this is an old debate that needs to be put to rest. The first thing that comes to mind when people hear about cut springs is 'ricer bounce'. This is very much a reality of cutting springs, you will end up with a bouncy ride if all you do is cut your springs, but cutting springs isn't a bad thing. In any sort of performance driving body roll and extreme weight transfer is not helpful. Many people buy new springs without understanding how they work. Stiffer is better...


The most recent video from Justin Robert and Aircooled productions.

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Boner Jam Part 2: More Asbestos!

Photo dump to follow up Discoquinn's Boner Jams post. There will be some more pics, I ran into a bit of a computer issue that slowed the entire process down. [gallery] If any of the drivers are interested, large format prints can be made from any of these images for a small large fee.

Summer Spent Sliding

Just a really good video from the guys at Drift Safari [vimeo 15307446]

2010 Year of the E7

Straight up, S chassis's, AE86's, Rx7's, etc, there all dead to me. 2010 is officially the Year of the E7. It seems a bunch of people jumped off the wagon and began building a few years ago. Some still are, but a bunch came out of the woodwork with well equipped beaters and have been eating 2010 like it was watermelon candies. Straight up, you've got the MotorFix guys leading the way. With their constant coverage of ke70 beater train drifting, they've left an impression, allowing people...