Swamp Thing

Repeatable results. If something can be repeated multiple times, does that make it reality? I had been sitting on my hands, waiting. Money tight, homeless, still, with an ear sharpened for opportunity. Life math is a great way to make decisions. This algebra of social scenarios is a way to add things up and turn fantasies into realities. I had wanted a drift car ever since returning to Canada. Racing chariots are now my safety blanket, my teddy bear to sleep well at night, fending away the midnight monsters under the bed,...

The Origins of the Minami Jump

Some of you know what the Minami Jump is. It's a very famous section of track, notorious for it's sudden rise and fall. A strange section of winding course. Here's the known video of it's official debut.

These 2004 origins seem pretty weak compared to the much more aggressive had it evolved? Yes. But who was really doing the first big Jump? Some might say Daigo Saito.

Daigo's extreme practice regiment really pushed the boundaries of the Minami Jump and began aggressively applying it to contest runs shortly...

Important pictures. Important Firsts.

We'll start with a continuation from a previous posts #1 & #2 1003733_10151741257981602_934204199_n   This photo above made my trip home. I may have failed at life in upside down world, but a few weeks in Ontario and someone will turn my art into an 80's style Wooden poster. This has opened a new world of retro style automotive art. Bring on the high waist one piece swimsuit models. Thanks Greg! Let's focus on some other photos. Continuing with some photos from my upbringing, here's some evidence...


What a mess of a title. There was a good chunk of people 'reppin' brands. A mixture of titles, shouted greetings, small standing groups, and chasing each other down on the track. IMG_0822 I've been away from Ontario for 4 years now, and I left it on a very positive note. I have a 4 year old memory in my head, of the generous, welcoming nature of Ontarians. A group of people gathered on an evening to wish me good by many years back. Read the article

Drift Tenfauxku

Imitation is flattery right? Look for a bigger post on Friday's event. Ken's camera ended up in my hand, and some people were nice enough to let me take snaps of their whips. RacingCarzzz   Click the snap for bigger! Here's an un fuddled with versionracing cars