I wish I was as cool as: Kaizen Garage

These guys are badass! I can't compete with a 1JZ A65 Celica. Nor can I compete with a 1UZFE AE86. Bastards. http://www.kaizengarage.com/

Speed Hero Snow Drift Safety Session1

So this was a tester event to get people to learn the skills it takes to be a good driver in the snow! Lessons and instructions went well, and everyone had a safe, fun time. Honestly; James had come back East from Victoria and I wanted to show him a good time last night. I hadn't seen my fellow Speed Hero in months and it was important we do something car related, and Quinn Styled as I think it's what he misses most.

Capital D, practice makes...well...

The Capital D season is over for the year as you may have noticed by the mayhem at the end of September and if you didn't, you haven't been following Speed Hero. We forgive you, this time. Over the off season there are a number of practice days, like today, a free for all of noobs and veterans trying to hone their skills are find a reason for an engine swap or new platform all together. Read the article

Hell Comes to Drift Town.

If you're going to have a small Toyota meet, you might as well do it in the middle of a hurricane. The weather was intense, huge winds and damn cold but with Paul down from Calgary, we had to roll out. Warren was out in his 86, White, stripped and now rolling on some new 14 x 7 diamonds. Jeff was doing his best impression of a hovercraft, floating just barely off the pavement. ...

Hey Man!

I had seen this video a long time ago, but never really got it at the time. Who'd a thunk back in '98 Americans were drifting hard in their own crew!