Love is.

A zenki Sr5


Was a private slide night, that is all. Awesome photos courtesy of Andrew.

Fuck Year!

Very few things in life excite me anymore. I live in a mentally ill depression most of the time, though I'm visually a perky fellow, I'm very much confused and lost on the inside. Everyonce in a while something comes along that really excites me, much like the DriftWorks 3 Video did when I first saw it, this video below makes me happy in my middles. Click to enjoy.


So I'm a nerd. Now that I'm no longer wrenching on real cars for the time being, I've reverted back to virtual wrenching. This is my current project, and remains at an 'under construction' period for now. If your interested in seeing the detail further, just keep clicking the picture, it'll eventually get bigger. Note: Since last posted I've updated this with finalized shots. I feel I can go no further than this other than building it for real. Donations welcome :D The original concept...

Safety Driving Session #2

Phil and I started up at the shop around 8pm, Just him and I sliding around. Phil sucks at Manjiing though. :D However, I suck at Curbs. "Pfft, I know this lot like the back of my hand, even...