Outlets 2: Let's get Digital!

Van1 Let's face it, all us lads n' ladies like to do the things we want, even if we can't afford them. For many people video games are an escape from life, but for me, they have always been a preview of the future. Since my days of Sega Genesis I have used video games as a portal into my interests, ones where I was not old or baller enough to fulfill. roadrash3 stunts Although...

It's all Greek to me.

Just a change of pace, some drift that isn't in Japan or as I usually push, Canada. This comes out of Cyprus thanks to Yanihluigi

Pink Rolla twins fighting it out makes me tingle...that's right, I'm tingling.

Thank you Greece and thank you Yanihluigi. Make sure you check out all his vids, tell him Speed Hero sent you.

Inspiration #2 Rotary edition

Earl's truck is the most badass thing ever, seriously. It seems he and I draw inspiration from the same sources at times, since he's got his shit done and flashing cash all over the breast coast, he's become a hero of mine for being an anti-hero. Streeto Maximum and all that jazz. earltrux rotarolla Another inspiration of mine is Dmac's awesome lightweight corolla. Seriously, 1600lbs is more ballin' than anyone can imagine. The ability to utilize the little horsepower out of...

Speed Hero Japan, the Lost Tapes

It turns out that moving pictar technology has improved since the days of the zoetrope. That being said, head on over the Speed Hero's Youtube home to check out those rare moments when we remember to take the lens cap off. Who knows, we may even learn to edit video at some point. There are only a couple vids at this point including this long lost gem from the magical summer of 2009.

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Holy Scrap!

Seriously, today was a weird day. I brought Robins Camera, I figured it would be good. I'm sorry I don't document every day with cars as much of them are interesting and fun, but I HAD to have the camera today. We were going to buy Rally spec AE86's!!!! Holy Scrap 001 "Sorry, I sold them to someone else." was the message we got when we were delayed departure this morning. EHHHH BAWLS. So on to plan B, Swifts??@!?!!? Holy Scrap 005