Speed Hero DP1S "Centauri" Wheels

6 years ago I came up with a wheel design that I had really wanted to see. At the time I did not have the skills to really create an appealing visual to represent my idea. I toiled in my regular 3D programs but couldn't quite find the right information, create the right shapes and overall present the right idea. The idea was another stuck in my brain, without translation to a good medium for others to see. At the time, I had shared some rough drawings with a designer, he whipped up Solidworks and cranked out some wheels. They looked great, but, his interpretation of my vision was quite liberal aside the original idea. You can see his interpretation here. I saw promise in these and entertained the idea of manufacturing them. This avenue narrowed, and the road ended fairly quick. Skipping a few years in the future, a girlfriend I was dating at the time was going to a local community college. This community college featured course in CAD. Unable to afford to attend, using her entry I was able to sneak into the computer lab late at nights. While she did homework I spent the next few weeks teaching myself solidworks. Skipping another few years ahead to the present, I was finally in a financial position to afford a computer quick enough to run solidworks. After a few test pieces recently, I decided to just in head first and build the Centauri wheels the way I had imagined them nearly 6 years ago. So, I present to you, the two piece, adjustable offset, 15x9, dual Bolt Pattern, Speed Hero DP1S Centauri Wheel. Thanks for reading!

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  • How long did it take you from start to finish?

    • Anonymous
  • Please contact me back asap. Doing research that you might find interesting.

    • Dean Shada 818 471 3508