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SpeedHero AW2S

SpeedHero AW2S

I have some really awesome articles I want to write lately, but don't have the brain power to write them. There's a few articles about my work, and the recent drift school. Some about projects I've helped out with, and even one about concepts of the distant future. All are halted by some internal problems with my brain. 

A sub-project I've been poking at is more wheels for 2017. This time with more realistic dimensions closer to production use. This is a BBS lipped 15x9" 4x114.3 wheel. The SpeedHero AW2S. 


Vintage ad

Kinda want to print this and tuck it into an old magazine at the library

Speed Hero DP1S "Centauri" Wheels

6 years ago I came up with a wheel design that I had really wanted to see. At the time I did not have the skills to really create an appealing visual to represent my idea. I toiled in my regular 3D programs but couldn't quite find the right information, create the right shapes and overall present the right idea. The idea was another stuck in my brain, without translation to a good medium for others to see. At the time, I had shared some rough drawings with a designer, he whipped up Solidworks and cranked out some wheels. They...

Fantasy, Reality?

3D Printing is a concept I was introduced to back in 2005. A GTS axle I had in storage was becoming a hassle, so on the local Corolla forums I put up an ad "GTS axle trade for life experience". A few people replied, but one came though. I was whisked away to Toronto and London Ontario for the afternoon, our destinations: Rapid prototyping.  I was shown to at least 4 to 5 different types of rapid prototyping. The most impressive were the few different types of 3D printing. Recently, I came across www.Shapeways.com. A website that allows you to...