Webbed feet, swim for progress.

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The wagon is god damn near done, and although I'm jealous of Colby's '83 AE poo wagon for $150, my TE pee wagon is pretty nice for a conversion to AE spec at a total cost so far of $100. Adam, above, came over to help me wire it and has volenteered some future services as well. Mike came by today, grabbed my drive shaft and fucked off for a bit. When he returned, he presented me with this Barber pole. Perfect for poorly done haircuts and driving shaft. That's right, Driving shaft. Look at this motherfucking drive shaft. Word. James decided it'd be fun to help me by buzzing around me, taking pictures and being hyper active. Oddly it worked. Busy as a bee? Drive shaft got mounted, or as the Brits called it, propeller shaft. Then the seat finally got put in, something I was avoiding, but oddly went smoothly. It's become a bit of a science now using strut to mount buckets. Oh and I deleted the brake booster this morning, but forgot to grab some pictures of it. Also cutting up a brake booster into pieces is pretty fun. James then got bored, and in a unanimous decision we both decided car audio is failure. Look, I'm going to throw it! Here it comes! Fuck your radio.


  • I wanted that deck for the corona you Ron.

    Pissed warren on

  • nice shaft big guy.

    shancerlelby on

  • I’m looking all hobo status beside my shaft of glory. look I have boobs :(

    coldstar on

  • Dammit guys. You’re supposed to at least keep the brackets intact so you can mount shit to there.

    Needs More Speakers on

  • coldstar looks like mr bean

    no brake booster FTW !

    mak-l on

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