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Guess That Car! Round: unknown

Guesses! go!

Another Guess that car Game!!!

Following no trend at all, nothing to do with JDM cars you've never heard of, this JDM ride was also released in Europe. Can you guess the awesomeness of this machine? Super Ultra Bonus points for those who can tell me what 1980's Alien movie had the same Title as the letters differing the Japanese name from the European name of this car. previous Guess That Car games.

Guess that car!

So, I've had previous versions of this game. Some people had some trouble, others enjoyed the challenge. I only put these up to expand your mind a bit and get some fucking comments on this blog. lol So, can you guess it? Note, the car pictured below is unmodified and completely stock. Okay, apparently, some of you need more help. Here's a rear shot. Comon, it's easy. And just to be nice, I'll give this...

Guess the car game!

African cars were covered in a recent post. I figured why not make a little game of it? Can you guess the car? Remember, this is an unmodified car that was available to the public for almost 10 years! good luck

Guessing Game. Question marks!

I've recently got my hands on some more pictures from Japan, so as I organize to make some new posts I figured I'd throw out a little guessing game: I know what it is, but do you? Points: +1 for the manufacturer +2 for the model +3 for the platform name and who it originated with +4 for the sub-model name in these two photo's and the company who tuned them! You have a possible 10 points!!!