Guess the car game!

Posted by 5771848 on

African cars were covered in a recent post. I figured why not make a little game of it? Can you guess the car? Remember, this is an unmodified car that was available to the public for almost 10 years! good luck


  • pffft, nice try Mr.“drag clues out at the local meet”

    What’s the model name!

    discoquinn on

  • 2005 AE92 Corrolla yo

    James on

  • Not sold as a Suzuki. You are right that it is an AE92.

    Here’s a Hint:

    it’s a 2005 model.

    discoquinn on

  • Well, it seems to be an AE9x hatchback rebadged by Suzuki… right? Love the panel van rear windows.

    Jay on

  • We have a Winner!

    The Carri is awesome!

    discoquinn on

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