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Guess that car!

So, I've had previous versions of this game. Some people had some trouble, others enjoyed the challenge. I only put these up to expand your mind a bit and get some fucking comments on this blog. lol So, can you guess it? Note, the car pictured below is unmodified and completely stock. Okay, apparently, some of you need more help. Here's a rear shot. Comon, it's easy. And just to be nice, I'll give this one away as a clue for those of you who were kind enough to click in. A rare Version of the Ford Escort built by the Souza Ramos dealer, a Brazilian Ford dealer and coach builder:


  • TinMan

    Chrysler LeBaron?
    Just kidding, it’s a Pontiac Fiero with a body kit :D

  • discoquinn

    Since you mostly suck, I guess it’s time to reveal the answer. :D

    It is a rare 1988 Chevy Monza Adamo. Built by a coach builder in Brazil you could get this as a factory option at your local dealer…built with Chrysler Parts.

    Yes it is a J-Body.

  • SupraLordass

    Ya the front end reeks of K-Car. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a Mitsubishi or Chrysler creation…

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