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Time Machine.

I really want one, I want the ghost of rally's past to come to my bedside and show me the ways things used to be. If you have only heard of Group B, if you have never heard of Group B, if you think you know Group B, please take your time to look through the following links. I'm not asking you to, I'm telling you, and I really don't want you viewing this blog unless you've spent some time looking through this. You see, the picture...

Oddballs pt 1. Some Tuuuurks

I figured I'd begin sharing part of my new collection of oddball car photos. Everytime I switch computers my old picture collection disappears, meaning I have an excuse to start a new one. Gigs lost, gigs gained. If I feel like it. I may even including interesting points or information related to the photos, but, as of late, I've been feeling wavery, so probably not. I spend hours browsing through forums and random posts, webpages and wikipages. Just enjoying my cruise down the information highway. Much like...

B.C. Day - Coast Drift at Western Speedway

It's late. I'm tired and have a face that feels like the sun's surface. Tonight, you get a teaser, that's all. Real post tomorrow. Don't miss it. !!!