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The Continues

I realized I hadn't done a follow up to "The Beginnings", so here's a small catch up to current. I'm not living in a trailer on the side of a mountain about 15 minutes North of Victoria, British Columbia, and there has been a fair number of cars since getting here! But we'll pick up where we left off in the beginnings post. Treat this as part 2, if you haven't read #1, click the link above first. The next car was an 1985 FB RX7 GSL. There's a big story and write up with it: HERE.

Double Deuces.

James and I decided to check out this tri-annual Deuce day. For a car you can just buy from new parts off the shelf, there was sure a lot of love and in my case, inspiration to jump in and get dirty. I'd love to see one of these chassis's used for a purpose other than show. Plus those sweet floating front axles lend themselves to PLENTY of lock. ;) This post is for those of you not cool enough to have been there and done that. 231 photos. Sadly I couldn't grab every car, and I'm highly impressed with...


So you think your all new school and badass? Think your one of the new few that can hold a nice slide beside your buddy? Well, drifting, and tandem is an old sport my friend.

Birthday Hike.

First of all, I hate my birthday, but it's still nice to know people love me. :) I had been feeling very down the last little while, even before, during and after the DK meet. Robin got me motivated enough to get out of the house, and along with all the nice birthday wishes, I felt pretty decent yesterday. We took a hike up to Elk lake with some decent Chinese food along the way. Brining the camera I couldn't help but shoot pictures of the few cars along our way, sadly the camera just isn't quick enough to catch...


I've been on a huge 70's Van kick lately. Check out this awesome thread of old ford vans!