Oddballs pt 1. Some Tuuuurks

I figured I'd begin sharing part of my new collection of oddball car photos. Everytime I switch computers my old picture collection disappears, meaning I have an excuse to start a new one. Gigs lost, gigs gained. If I feel like it. I may even including interesting points or information related to the photos, but, as of late, I've been feeling wavery, so probably not. I spend hours browsing through forums and random posts, webpages and wikipages. Just enjoying my cruise down the information highway. Much like postcards of locations, I often pick up images I find interesting. Often they are obscure production vehicles, I have a weak heart for 'coach builders'. But sometimes they are just fresh one offs. It's not as common to find factory prototypes in my folders, but it's something you will grace from time to time. I'm not really dedicated to one brand either. I often find the most interesting things on different boards from around the world, many with different customizing goals if that's what the board is based on. Coach building is a lost art, not in the sense of frequency, but as exposure, just like any product, it needs to be advertised, but something about the speed and duration of a coach builders product construction limits their units produced dramatically. Some of the best builds are from passionate lunatics with a no fear, no cares approach. And sometimes function dictates a build. Eitherway, it's often nice to see something on both extremes of subtle and aggressively different from the normal. There will be plenty more of these posts over the winter. :)

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  • wow man those are some excentric rides. I’ve got a good collection of randomness dating back to 99 or so (im a huuuuuuge packrat when it comes to net pics)

    I want that Toureg

    • Shancerlelby
  • Hopefully tomorrow I will own that brown 6 door 70s ford truck at the top of your list! I’ve been drooling over it for nearly 10 years!
    It needs rescued from the purchasers yard where it’s going to hell!!!

    • CR