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Rally: The Race against good titles

Hanging with Warren today after picking up a new car....err...we were browsing some Rod Millen stuff. You know, Rhys Millen's dad? Yeah, that dude. He used to run a SA22 rally car, at which some point was 4wd. This sweet promotional video came up!

Oddballs pt 1. Some Tuuuurks

I figured I'd begin sharing part of my new collection of oddball car photos. Everytime I switch computers my old picture collection disappears, meaning I have an excuse to start a new one. Gigs lost, gigs gained. If I feel like it. I may even including interesting points or information related to the photos, but, as of late, I've been feeling wavery, so probably not. I spend hours browsing through forums and random posts, webpages and wikipages. Just enjoying my cruise down the information highway. Much like...