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Rain Rain Drift Sun Rain Drift Wind Sign Drift Rain Rain Rain Cold Soaker Drift

There was drifting. I enjoyed it. Here are some photo's of drifting. Thanks to Robin, Justin, Derek and Acacia for the donations and submissions. Read the article

Watch out for the Pothole.

We now have the first Capital Drift even under our collective belts. There were a couple of cuts, bruises and battle scars but everyone was able to roll home with some entertaining stories to tell. The turn out was immense, a lot of new faces and a decent variety of fodder. 2010 will be a killer season for Capital Drift. The full post is on it's way. Check back often.

Capital Drift Round 3

Attended my first West coast drift event presented by the guys at Capital Drift. I really enjoyed the grassroots and community feel of the event but the small turnout makes me fear for the future. It's a nice mix of proper amateurs and some purpose built drift cars sporting DMCC banners. [caption id="attachment_375" align="alignnone" width="600" caption="You can drive any car you want as long as it\'s an S13 or an AE86"]You can drive any car you want as long as it's an S13 or an AE86[/caption] There were a handful of...

Speed Hero's Durrfty Day.

Well, here in Ontario Canada, we have an extremely small scene. Not only are all the roads perfectly straight grid across Ontario (when the settlers came they divided the land equally and gave it free to families coming to Canada, resulted in all the roads being perfectly straight grid across almost the whole province!) But we also have some extremely strict street racing laws: If you get caught "Stunting" you can be fined up to $10,000, and if you cannot afford it, your car becomes a lovely cube. Also, up here is Nascar Country. We have about 400 Oval tracks...