School Car: Next Step Game Plan.

Finding a Rack swap is quite important now!
[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="625"] Customize all the things! My helmet looked a little blank, so I freshened it up a bit.[/caption]  
It's the next step in my school cars progress!!!! The steering box is the next step in making this car feel better to drive. I picked up a steering rack so far, but the subframe, steering column and other parts are still being searched for.
Once I find the steering rack swap it's time to build a 2-wheel roll over rig. Since I was a kid I've wanted to drive a car on two wheels. I'd been to some stunt shows and was inspired. It was only when I did so accidentally on a drift day that it felt possible to me.
I had seen some videos of Corollas driving on two wheels. Like that famous AE86 video.
I also knew there was a group of people down in Australia, like Lawrence Legend and some others like the D-Max team who drove AE71's as practice 2 wheel cars.
I bugged my friends on the Australia E-chassis group if they had any more information about these cars and they pointed me to this article. Training Wheels
Is this article are a few photos of their rollover rig which is essential to learning. I was looking for examples of this rig, and even though theirs has buckled a bit over the many years, it was really nice to see that you didn't need to weld huge chunks of steel all over the car. Infact, if you keep an eye on the Lawrence Legend video above, they actually use the seat belt mounting point from the inside of the car for a mounting point. It's promising that I'll be able to construct a rig for the school car that doesn't have to be an engineering marvel or even destroy the exterior of the car that much. The latter being less important.
I've even been practicing. A while ago an impromptu contest was held on the beamNG forums for who could drive the longest on 2 wheels. I won.
So this is the next fun step in the School car! Hopefully I can get the steering rack swap sorted out soon, as I don't think the old worn out steering box setup in the car now will be able to cope with the stress of two wheel driving. If anyone has anything for free or cheap for this rack swap, let me know. <3

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