I'm a Time Traveler. Seriously?

It appears so, recently in my trips back I brought home a brand new, in bag, in box, Nintendo Entertainment System, and as cool as that is, it's not the only thing I brought back.......     Yes. I am. I traveled back in time. It was my first go, just don't forget the crystals. I brought back an NES, new in box, with all the original plastic bags, and instruction manuals. The machine looks as if it's never been used. I'm happy with my find. I am Nerd Pretty cool right? Well, the next thing is cooler in my mind. The nintendo was easy, it fits in my hands, not to heavy to bring back. This next item was extremely difficult, not only because it's huge, but it had to be from an exact date. I couldn't fudge off somewhere close, it had to be from the day we went to Delaware Speedway, otherwise it wouldn't mean exactly what it's supposed to mean. This travel back was a gift. 3 years ago, I shared something with someone. It was ours to use equally, and for a while we shared it well. We each provided our own roles, much like a business partnership, utilizing each others resources and skills. However, somewhere along the line, I took control of it. I didn't notice really, and I'm not sure if he did at first either, near the end of this items life it was apparent to both him and I that I had taken control. The problem was, we are friends, still are, and words were never really spoken over it. Our exchange was unique and new, especially because of what each of us offered each other. Much like art, it was un-quantifiable. We both were planning on moving to BC, and at this point, I was in complete control of the item. He was busy getting his life sorted, and I mine to prepare for not only a trip, but a life style change. I sold the item, and to be honest, I can't remember where the money went, but it was gone. I have felt bad since, especially because he often offers me a roof to sleep under, food, and terrible zombie movies. I've owed him for a long time, an unquantifiable amount...... |||||||||||||||| I believe it was back in 2007 when it looked like this: with all my wizard powers, I returned from the past with this:   That's right, I brought a whole car back with me, as a gift to my friend James. I really hope he enjoys it. 2007: 2010: To fill you in on the story: James and I acquired a welder which we had planned to resell but never did. I found an ad for an RX7 one day and offered the welder as a trade, and ended up with the car. We shared the car, him providing the funding, and crafty insurance, where I "maintained it" and began spreading the Speed Hero name. The reason I had to go back to the day of Delaware speedway, was this was the exact moment my greed and recklessness took over. For when we left in the morning the car was ours, but when we returned that night, it was mine. I had smashed it into a wall, and although James helped with the repairs, I selfishly took the car to my 'next level' without his consent. We continued to share it from then on, but it was very much a 90/10 split on my behalf, and although it wasn't on purpose, or a conscious decision, hindsight and my conscience have been putting the pieces together. The car is the one from that morning. The one at the gas pump, pictured above, the last moment that James and I shared it together. This is my gift to him. If you wish to read more about this, please follow these links: Speed Heroing I've Always Wanted to Charles Manson of cars    

The Zombie just won't die!

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  • :O right on with the fb lol.

    • Colbskee
  • HUGS I love everything!

    • Warren (not UK)
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  • I forgot to mention, that the car was destroyed in Ontario in 2008, crushed into a cube. So how did I get it back????


    • discoquinn
  • Great story Quinn!

    • Donn29