SPEED HERO Blog — Zombie

I'm a Time Traveler. Seriously?

It appears so, recently in my trips back I brought home a brand new, in bag, in box, Nintendo Entertainment System, and as cool as that is, it's not the only thing I brought back.......     Yes. I am. I traveled back in time. It was my first go, just don't forget the crystals. I brought back an NES, new in box, with all the original plastic bags, and instruction manuals. The machine looks as if it's never been used. I'm happy with my find.

Good bye dear Zombie.

A questions arises: Is it a Journey if you end up going no where? Yes it began here. Right here, no photos, no locations, just here. This is also where this journey ends. Whatever your mind is thinking right now, where ever you picture in your head. A lamp on a dark light corner, a person observing to learn, an ideal waiting to bloom. The journey hasn't moved, but along the way of it's lack of movement, along it's path of motionlessness things have occurred in an epic fashion. Today we say...