Fuck You Tom Cochrane!

This may be old news to some of you but for others, the DMCC event in Victoria has been cancelled. I was having trouble getting concrete information and I'm not sure how it happened but it's done. Instead of drifting at Western Speedway this weekend, you can go to Blue Sky music festival and enjoy Cochrane, Colin James, Vince Vaccaro and a bunch of other music that makes me sick to my ass. Damn.

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  • yeah no wonder you’re anonymous, you pussy.

    Tom Cochrane is shit music, that’s where all the rednecks will be, you fuck.

    Your car is crap, bitch.

    • dug
  • For the record Anonymous…if that even is your real name. This would have been the only stop of the Canadian pro series on the west coast. Second, it’s a motorsport that originated in Japan where there are a low number of rednecks. Third, thanks for reading, we love all our fans.

    Also, your musical taste is suspect.

    • zombievrobot
  • fuck man, drift around them. make it a double header :D

    • jayrod
  • Thank god western’s being sold, and being redeveloped into condo’s and housing it’s about time,

    • Allied wreckers,
  • Its a shame but when the track had to choose between a 1000+ spectator event and a 300 or less spectator event….

    We may dislike their music, but it seems that more people go to that music festival then our drift events~~~

    guess we arn’t cool :(

    • Serge