Bad Slide Night.

I gave in, I bought a new headgasket. Awesome, last A engine C head gasket on the island apparently at JB auto parts. Swapped the gasket, cleaned the head and block, torque it down all nice and good, and it runs like absolute garbage, over heats like a whore, stalls, bogs and generally a serious bitch. The engine ran WAY better with the drilled out, reused 4AG gasket. Go figure, also, the air getting in my cooling system? Found out my heater core is leaking like a shiv. Who knows if my old gasket was working well or not. Went by the shop to check the progress on Yam's car. Looking good! Got to finally go out and slide my Wagon. The motor was not happy, overheating slightly and just being a plain pain, power sometimes, and the open diff didn't help. Spun on a slower corner, and lightly bumped the front right tire. POOF, it exploded, and had to wait for the cavalry to come help out. Colbskee brought out some wheels to help me out. Little sample of the roads we run. :) Thanks Warren for getting me out of the house, Thanks Robin for coming along. Thanks Jay for dealing with Jame's mess, and thanks Colby for coming with backup!

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  • You always have badass adventures, I’m Jealous.

    • Jehuty77
  • Sliding the open diff?

    • bkh808
  • well, ive said it 100 times.

    time to install a 4age! and weld diff!

    • Anonymous