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Speed Hero and the AE95 Obsession

HEY, update august 7th, 2009: I noticed this post is getting a lot of traffic. Leave some comments about why you read it!!! It all began last winter, when I was on my usual browse of online classifieds for wacky fun cars for cheap. AWD Corolla wagon, $200 hit by truck Basically was all the ad said. I called James (Abominus) freaking out that I had to see it. We went down to Hamilton to see the car. James has been a great friend and sponsor over the last few years, and this was no exception. We rounded the corner...

Speed Hero's Durrfty Day.

Well, here in Ontario Canada, we have an extremely small scene. Not only are all the roads perfectly straight grid across Ontario (when the settlers came they divided the land equally and gave it free to families coming to Canada, resulted in all the roads being perfectly straight grid across almost the whole province!) But we also have some extremely strict street racing laws: If you get caught "Stunting" you can be fined up to $10,000, and if you cannot afford it, your car becomes a lovely cube. Also, up here is Nascar Country. We have about 400 Oval tracks...

Speed Hero-ing?

just random FB shiz going down.

The Beginnings

The beginnings of car adventures for DQ and Speed Hero.