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Watch out for the Pothole.

We now have the first Capital Drift even under our collective belts. There were a couple of cuts, bruises and battle scars but everyone was able to roll home with some entertaining stories to tell. The turn out was immense, a lot of new faces and a decent variety of fodder. 2010 will be a killer season for Capital Drift. The full post is on it's way. Check back often.

2010 Year of the Drift

It has already begun! The first Capital Drift practice event of the new year is coming January 17th. If you're anywhere close to this side of the country, you should be there. http://www.capitaldrift.ca/register.html Check out the new Cap D site and keep up to date.

Capital D, practice makes...well...

The Capital D season is over for the year as you may have noticed by the mayhem at the end of September and if you didn't, you haven't been following Speed Hero. We forgive you, this time. Over the off season there are a number of practice days, like today, a free for all of noobs and veterans trying to hone their skills are find a reason for an engine swap or new platform all together. Read the article

The Capital D Climax

Capital D molested Western Speedway once again for the final event of the season. S13's were assaulted, hachi rokus were slapped like insolent children. There were fairys, pirates and a banana involved as well as all the extras from the Breakfast Club. Nakamura looking to bury his treasure. All the usual suspects were in attendance. The triumvirate of power...

Driftmania followed a deep driftdepression

My jaunt to DMCC at Western Speedway started much like the rest of the drift events, at the crack of dawn walking a ridiculous distance. What the hell kind of word is jaunt? The big disappointment of the day was not seeing the Toyo/Cannonball R34 run. Apparently it blew an oil pump and was under heavy repair the rest of the event. Read the article