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That's right. Platzalottapus. Thanks to Alexi from Noriyaro for some of these sweet pictures.

Capital Drift Round 4

I headed out to Capital Drift round 4 at Western Speedway July 10. The turnout was small, the action was not. If you weren't there then you should know that you are killing drifting. Tires as smooth as the car that assasinated them Drift Safari had some serious representation in the forum of not one but two SR20 powered 86's. Trent Stromkins was out in his newly (very newly) completed 86 after he ended up painting a track wall with his last...

Capital Drift Round 3

Attended my first West coast drift event presented by the guys at Capital Drift. I really enjoyed the grassroots and community feel of the event but the small turnout makes me fear for the future. It's a nice mix of proper amateurs and some purpose built drift cars sporting DMCC banners. [caption id="attachment_375" align="alignnone" width="600" caption="You can drive any car you want as long as it\'s an S13 or an AE86"]You can drive any car you want as long as it's an S13 or an AE86[/caption] There were a handful of...