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Speed Hero Snow Drift Safety Session1

So this was a tester event to get people to learn the skills it takes to be a good driver in the snow! Lessons and instructions went well, and everyone had a safe, fun time. Honestly; James had come back East from Victoria and I wanted to show him a good time last night. I hadn't seen my fellow Speed Hero in months and it was important we do something car related, and Quinn Styled as I think it's what he misses most.

Capital Drift Round 3

Attended my first West coast drift event presented by the guys at Capital Drift. I really enjoyed the grassroots and community feel of the event but the small turnout makes me fear for the future. It's a nice mix of proper amateurs and some purpose built drift cars sporting DMCC banners. [caption id="attachment_375" align="alignnone" width="600" caption="You can drive any car you want as long as it\'s an S13 or an AE86"]You can drive any car you want as long as it's an S13 or an AE86[/caption] There were a handful of...

Broken Stop Watch

A little piece of time.