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Ibaraki is quite pleasant in December.

So this story begins a few months ago.  I was biking home from work, when I decided to take the back streets home.  As I rounded the corner, I saw the familiar silhouette of a loved one.  It was a Levin hatchback.  Then I saw another.  Then I had to meet the owner of this magical place. As it turns out, he also has another AE86, a C3 Corvette, a Piaggio Ape, and a Formula SAE car tucked away on site.  His name is Komukai Ryou, and he's also one of my favourite...

Seen around town

Saw this parked outside of a hotel downtown.  I thought it was pretty rad. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="720"] Please note the reversed "Intercooler Turbo" sticker on the lip.[/caption]   [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="720"] Awesome rear speakers.[/caption]   [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="720"] Well worn Nardi and the wrong logo on the horn button.[/caption]  

The Origins of the Minami Jump

Some of you know what the Minami Jump is. It's a very famous section of track, notorious for it's sudden rise and fall. A strange section of winding course. Here's the known video of it's official debut.

These 2004 origins seem pretty weak compared to the much more aggressive had it evolved? Yes. But who was really doing the first big Jump? Some might say Daigo Saito.

Daigo's extreme practice regiment really pushed the boundaries of the Minami Jump and began aggressively applying it to contest runs shortly...

Some how, we missed it.

I'm not sure how we missed it. Decades of promises of futuristic cars, promised later, sometimes promised now. Atomic 50's American dreams of the future of Jet Set motoring, flashy shapes, classy speed, glamorous. We missed it. You did too, you're just as much to blame as me, though I couldn't afford it persay, but at only $18,000 brand new, it wasn't out of the reach of most of the modern world. You could've afforded one, with a warranty, I'm guessing, it's most likely to be honest. I'm not entirely sure how we missed it; the worlds most realistic-futuristic car....

Drift Tenfauxku

Imitation is flattery right? Look for a bigger post on Friday's event. Ken's camera ended up in my hand, and some people were nice enough to let me take snaps of their whips. RacingCarzzz   Click the snap for bigger! Here's an un fuddled with versionracing cars