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Out in the Streets, they call it Murder

Welcome to Jamrock. A European heavy edition of my horrible DOTS copying. Downtown/China Town Victoria is Euro heavy from Classic BMW's, to Vintage Volvo's. Seems to be the hip thing to do on the western side of Douglas street with many European specialty repair shops located all very close to each other. Hey, that van is part of an ancient European candy giving tribe. Never fear, someone cruises by in an old van and offers you a chocolate bar to get in? They are just friendly and practicing...


The backwards entry is a tricky bit of trickery. In the coming years it will be standard practice for all big entries. It's interesting how they turn a regular drift into a backwards entry, as normally you just jump right into one as your entry. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9nqJ52piAY]

My Empire Of Dirt

Dear god I have been busy out of my brain lately. This Corolla Exchange is slow, but time consuming. With my daily driver Betsy dying, my Grand father passing away, Corolla parts coming and going, my new daily blowing up the day we bought it, and starting a new job all basically in one go, my mind has been jumbled and ridiculous. Sadly, my lawn is littered with cars. That shouldn't be there! [gallery columns="1" orderby="title"]

I ♥ Nikko

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGhG-5TDMMY&fs=1&hl=en_US] and to a lesser extent, Corollas.

All Japanese Show n' Shine

It was a grey day spent in Gyro park. Luckily the rain was happy to drool lightly over the hot cars without giving us the full shower it was threatening. The Vancouver Island Datsun Enthusiasts put on a well organized and entertaining show and the crowd exceeded everyone's expectations. I have a ton of shots to go through so for now I'll leave this rarity for all you wacky convertible fans. Possibly the only Soarer Aerocabin in North America.