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I Hate the Term "Drift Racing"

I'm just saying. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDZx7cRj_rw&fs=1&hl=en_US]


[caption id="" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Image via Wikipedia"]Tokyo Auto Salon 2009: Navel "Oretachi ni...[/caption]
So, browsin' and surfin' like the electronic thug I am. I came across an Itasha video and upon opening was blown away, not by the Itasha vehicles, that's nothing new, just the hilarious reporting.
That was pretty funny to watch, he struggles and it's kinda sad, but it's good he knows what he likes. Looking through the related videos, this video had...

2010 Year of the E7

Straight up, S chassis's, AE86's, Rx7's, etc, there all dead to me. 2010 is officially the Year of the E7. It seems a bunch of people jumped off the wagon and began building a few years ago. Some still are, but a bunch came out of the woodwork with well equipped beaters and have been eating 2010 like it was watermelon candies. Straight up, you've got the MotorFix guys leading the way. With their constant coverage of ke70 beater train drifting, they've left an impression, allowing people...

Living as a Cartoon

Watching movies, Tv, reading comics, books etc, often have references to cars but written by people who just don't know them. Sometimes these interpretations are overly simplistic, disproportioned, childish. These visions are just observations in passing, corner of your eye views of what a car really is, or more specifically, what a car 'generally' is. These interpretations tend to be caricatures of automobiles whether they were intended to be or not. Some of them are accidentally far fetched,...


So your a gangster, born and raised. Hard as nails and all that jazz. Also that has nothing to do with the fact I'm sitting in my underwear, watching 'The Cat Returns' with Robin and the dog while browsing Yahoo Auctions.  With cheers of "that's Awesome!" at the Suzuki Mighty Boys, I moved on to the Alto works, and eventually to the Alto's where I found this little gem. Looks pretty unassuming, and really, it is. 660cc turbo, front wheel drive, auto. Standard practice in the kei world....