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These guys will forever be my Hero's. For those of you new to drifting, you may want to write these guys a thank you letter. Yokota Airforce base located in Japan, these American boys were into drifting long before it hit US shores. You'll note that they were drifting 'boro boro' or 'missiles' long before the term was coined, perhaps they are the reason for the name? In any case, you'll also noticed a very young Robbie Nishida of Formula D fame, as well as Shinji Minowa of D1GP fame, who contiues the Hey Man line of products...

All I Want for Christmas is More Drift Trains


This is Madness


Crawling Injured Soldier

Is really the way I see front wheel drive cars, but this isn't to say, I dislike them. I've had some great fun a front wheel drive car, both grip and sliding.  However, with some experience doing both, I still prefer a RWD car. To be honest, I haven't been making posts lately because I felt most of my older informational posts weren't original content, but rather stubs of other articles. My post counts have been dropping dramatically, and my other fellow contributers have basically stopped themselves. Recently I've had some conversations with people while out having some fun. The...

Random Japan Thing

I picked this information pamphlet up in Japan last year while visiting Mega Web The Crown Comfort is a model found all over Japan and used almost exclusively as taxi cabs. Thought some folks would enjoy the pics and information. Enjoy Read the article