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Look What I Found in the Pudding.

The proof.

Footage from the last Capital Drift event, courtesy of Dugwillis once again.


DQ and I had the opportunity to head up island for an impromptu drift day organized by Speed Hero regular Dugwillis. Unfortunately Dug and drift assassin Grant "Gpenny" Kozier were called in to work and that left a small group of us to our own devices. We had to stop and pick up one of our two car posse on the way to the track. The FC is being kept alive by nothing...

B.C. Day Coast Drift - The Reckoning

My car, as you can see from pictures in previous posts, is in disrepair. It will not always be this way, but it is right now. What this means is that when I couldn't arrange a ride out to Western Speedway for the big Coast Drift event I decided "How far could it be?" It's really fucking far. Pretty nice walk though. I walked for about an hour into Langford before stopping for a drink. Hydrated (or at least caffeinated) I continued on my way. Within about 5...