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Interacting with the world.

This is a video of stuff, mushed together. [youtube=http://youtu.be/pwj1YvBFbtI]

Important pictures. Important Firsts.

We'll start with a continuation from a previous posts #1 & #2 1003733_10151741257981602_934204199_n   This photo above made my trip home. I may have failed at life in upside down world, but a few weeks in Ontario and someone will turn my art into an 80's style Wooden poster. This has opened a new world of retro style automotive art. Bring on the high waist one piece swimsuit models. Thanks Greg! Let's focus on some other photos. Continuing with some photos from my upbringing, here's some evidence...

An undramatic reading. My First Book, and more!

So I opened a box to hear my mother proclaim: "That was your first book!" I knew what I had to do. I had to read it with you.

  If that wasn't enough for you, here's 32 minute of me being hyped on boring cars. I love boring cars.   [youtube=http://youtu.be/q2oxw0sLGmM]

Sum Yung Guy

Crawling through the mountainous waves of trash at my mom's house came revealed a box, near the top, of Quinn things. One of many I'm sure. However, upon opening, There was much art work. Not pictured are my coveralls drenched in sewn on racing patches, a missed opportunity I'm sure. However, these pictures provide photographic evidence of my early obsessions. A small dive into the 4 to 6 year old mind of little Quinn. 2013-07-02 22.37.05 A brief snap of the plethora of car drawings that consumed pencils in...

Goodbye Victoria, Thanks for all the fish.

Seriously though, we ate a lot of sushi, lots of it. I just want to say thanks for having me. It was destined to be an adventure from the start. I left Kitchener Ontario in a free tercel found on craiglists. Baldy summers tires, and a radio it made it all the way across canada in the dead of winter on a solid diet of oil. I was told numerous times I would die along the way, but here I am, ten toes, 11 fingers, two eyes and 4 egos. Ready to begin my next adventure. I have to say...