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Speed Hero, Search for the missing Star Wars Celica

Hey there folks. There's thousands of blog posts, articles posted online highlighting the idea that at some point, somewhere, a Star Wars themed 1977 Toyota Celica GT existed. Sadly almost all of these articles are regurgitation of the same few clues over and over. I've been doing some preliminary research into finding this car once, and for all. Let's openly document what we know about this car. Where do we start?

  • ?????? -1977 Celica pace cars are built, most likely by Molly Designs of California. (vehicles style is attributed to...

Hanging With Mr.Quinn

We did some sports things on a hunk of crap Corolla. One junk motor for another. Conner the film guy.  


Speed Hero Manga

Home from work with excessive depression, I was just being angry in photoshop when this poured out of me. Full gallery here:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/48368366@N02/sets/72157642875429035/

Theraputic Exercise, as much of the story as I can type.

Corolla Brain kegels. This is just me typing. I may never post this, but even if I am brave enough to post it up, it doesn't justify that it's a good read. It all began, one mid summer fall winter spring morning afternoon evening when I completely forget why I needed to leave. There's no memorable reason why I needed to leave, but suddenly I felt this massive desire to leave my life. This is an important missing step, if you are continuing into the depth of this journal entry,...


This pomme de terre came to me recently. I'm trying to do something with it. I'm not bright. _MG_0004 Let's just keep count here. I believe this is #24. I've now owned, 24 corollas. I wouldn't consider this much of a Corolla, but it technically counts, since I write my own rules.

This began when a long line of moons aligned on some planet being pelted by lucky asteroids. My old Lemonade Wagon recently began a new motor swap from the old 12A...